Choose FAIR Inc. for security in Tokyo and kanagawa

Join Our Team

Security Staff in Tokyo and
Kanagawa region

We are a looking enthusiastic members to join our team and grow together. We are a global security company with more than 80% of our team members being of a non-Japanese background. We are accepting of all ages and backgrounds, and do not require minimum working hours or prior experience.

Day Shift: From 10,000 YEN
Night Shift: From 12,500 YEN

Job Details

  • One-way traffic guard
  • Road blockage guard
  • guiding traffic and pedestrians through temporary passages
  • guiding construction vehicles
  • Construction site patrol

Work Hours

(1H lunch break included)

*hours may vary depending on work site

Training Course

No prior experience is needed! We provide a fully paid training course making it hassle free for beginners starting on site.

A 20,000YEN reward will be provided during our 3 day training course.

Chances for Growth

We are a company in our 3rd year going through rapid growth. There are many opportunities and benefits that come along a compact company, including leadership positions and roles.
Shunya Kagawa

Gain a Healthy Lifestyle

Security jobs start at an early time and finish at 5PM. Working with such a schedule will automatically put you into an organized pattern leading to a greater health.
Yoshifumi Takihira
Sales Representative

Experience our Multicultural Environment

Our team consists of members from more than 30 countries around the globe. By joining our team you will be able to immerse yourself in our diverse community.
Tomoyuki Furukawa






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